NPANS executive are volunteers who wish to contribute to the association by creating policy and direction. They are elected at the AGM conference.

NPANS Executive – 2016-2018

Executive Co-Chairs:
Tracy Lake MN-NP
Carolyn Mitchell BN, MN-NP

Co-Chairs Elect:
Inactive year.

Barbara Currie, MN, NP
Kimberley Newton, MN-NP

Nancy Edgecombe, PhD, NP

Georg MacDonald, MN-NP

NP Student:
Santina Weatherby, BScN, NP Student

The duties of the Executive Committee as a whole shall be:
To provide leadership for NPANS members and the Nurse Practitioner Role in Nova Scotia and across Canada through CAAPN-ACIIPA. A co-chair (or designate) shall sit on the National CAAPN-ACIIPA Provincial Partners Committee.
To plan and implement strategies to increase NPANS membership.

NPANS Executive Positions Available
At the AGM we’ll vote on New Executive (2018-2020) – Co-chair Elects (2) and Secretary (1).

NPANS Constitution and By-Laws

The Executive Committee: Consists of
Past Chair(s)
Nova Scotia NP student (non-voting member)

There is provision for two co-chair positions and two co-chair elect positions. If two co-chair position are not possible, then there will be just one co-chair for that term.
The past chair(s) acts as an advisor(s) to the executive committee and holds a non-voting position.
The Chair-Elect position will be a one year term, followed by a two year term for Chair and a one year commitment for Past Chair. Secretary, Treasurer and student representative will be a two year term.

Eligibility to Hold Elected Office
(a) Active members with full membership status in the NPANS shall be eligible as officers,
except as precluded in b, c, and d below.
(b) No member shall hold the same Executive Committee office for more than two (2) terms.
(c) No member shall hold more than one (1) office at a time
(d) A member shall be eligible for re-election to the same office after a lapse of two (2) years.

All officers shall maintain active membership